Tool Changers
Series FWR

  • Automated tool change without external activation
    In interaction with the storage station, the changer is actuated mechanically during retraction. As a result, no additional power supply is required for the change operation.
  • Manual tool change
    The sizes FWR40 and FWR50 can be opened with just one hand. If this is not desired, you can lock the actuation manually.
  • Optional media transmission
    Adapt the tool changer to your application. With the energy elements of the WER1000 and WER2000 series, you can transmit a variety of media with standard connections!
Technical Data
Connecting flange according EN ISO 9409-1TK 50
Tool weight max.7 [kg]
Pneumatic energy transfer4 [Quantity]
Flow per connector M5170 [l/min]
Flow per connector G1/8″650 [l/min]
Electrical energy transferoptional
Locking stroke0.6 [mm]
Repetition accuracy in Z0,02 [mm]
Repetition accuracy in X, Y0,03 [mm]
Offset at coupling max. in X,Y2.0 [mm]
Offset at coupling max. in X,Y1.5 [°]
Tightening force70 [N]
Tightening torque4 [Nm]
Operating pressure for energy transmission-0.6 ... 6 [bar]
Operating temperature5 ... +80 [°C]
Moment of inertia2.41 [kgcm²]
Protection to IEC 60529IP44
Weight0.26 [kg]
Handling weight max.16 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Fix part
    For robot side assembly
  2. Connecting flange
    partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1
  3. Loose part presence sensing
    via inductive proximity switch
  4. Mounting for energy element
    Direct connection, without adapter plates
  5. Loose part
    for tool side assembly
  6. Locking
    Manual actuation Automatic actuation via a storage station
  7. Lock for manual actuation (optional)
    Secure against inadvertent loosening
  8. Integrated air feed-through
    Air / vaccum transfer hoseless control possible