O-ring assembly grippers, inner
Series GSI

  • Concentration on the essentials
    Only pay for what you need - individual standard gripper specific to O-ring inside assembly
  • Adjustable expanding stroke
    Prevents the O-ring from overexpanding and ensures consistent production quality
  • Query about magnetic field sensor technology
    Detecting the end position allows you to have shorter cycle times and an integrated control system
Series features
  • 5 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • IP30
  • Magnetic field sensor
Installation Size: GSI206
Order-No.Stroke adjustable per jaw min.Stroke adjustable per jaw max.Opening stroke adjustable per jaw min.
GSI2066 [mm]20 [mm]1 [mm]
  1. Spread jaws
    to position the O-ring in the groove of the workpiece
  2. Ejector (piston rod)
    to remove the O-ring
  3. Driven by three single-acting pneumatic cylinders
    drive for grabber jaws drive for spread jaws drive for ejector
  4. Grabber jaw
    to grab the O-ring
  5. Force transfer
    via lever and connecting rod
  6. Stroke adjustment on grabber jaws
    prevents overstretching of O-ring during assembly
  7. Stroke on spread jaws
    adjustable to fit bore diameter of workpiece
  8. Mounting and positioning
    axial, on the gripper bottom