Lifting Cylinders
Series HZ

  • Hoseless air passage
    Eliminates undefined interference contours and wear-prone hoses and increases the safety of your application in the process
  • Dampened end position
    By using PowerStop shock absorbers, you can gently move up to the end positions, increasing the process reliability and durability of your application
  • Very robust
    Two ground and hard chrome-plated guide rods guarantee a secure process sequence with their rigidity and long service life
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  • 10 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • Powerstop end position damping
  • IP40
  • Inductive sensor
Technical Data
Stroke100 [mm]
Pressure force max.720 [N]
Retraction force600 [N]
Air feed-through2 [Quantity]
Air volume per cycle232 [cm³]
Operating temperature min.5 [°C]
Operating temperature max.+80 [°C]
Protection to IEC 60529IP40
Weight2.7 [kg]
Deviation D for Mr 5 N0.5 [mm]
Deviation D for Mr 15 N0.15 [mm]
Deflection A for My 60 N0.1 [mm]
Deflection A for My 100 N0.15 [mm]
Benefits in detail
  1. Integrated air feed-through
    for hoseless air transfer
  2. Energy supply
    possible from several sides
  3. Mounting and positioning
    mounting possible from several sides for versatile positioning
  4. Mounting block
    mounting for inductive proximity switch
  5. Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  6. Patented, hydraulic shock absorber
    adjustable end position damping
  7. Intake flange
    for fixing to the customer specific application
  8. Two guide rods
    high forces and moments capacity