Gripper for cylinder heads


On a tractor manufacturer's production line for 4- and 6-cylinder heads, tooling machines needed to be loaded and unloaded through automation.


The solution was a weight-optimized gripper design, a manual gripper jaw quick-change system and a stroke measurement system on the stroke for type detection. An active pressure unit and an integrated axis compensation module provided the "clamping transfer".

Highlights and technical data
  • IP64
  • Pneumatic
  • External gripping
Technical Data
Drive typePNEU
Max. gripping force3000 [N]
Gripping conceptFORM
Gripping safety deviceKLE
Max. stroke100 [mm]
IP classIP64
System weight42 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight15 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature80 [°C]


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