Electro-pneumatic unit
Series AEPN

  • Lightweight and powerful
    The compact design allows the unit to be positioned very close to the consumers and achieves the fastest opening and closing times.
  • Multiple pressure ranges selectable
    Two different pressure ranges can be set to meet application-specific requirements with the lowest possible energy input.
  • Integrated query
    Integrated sensing reliably regulates and maintains pressures.
  • Control
    Different process sequences can be implemented thanks to two independently controllable valves.
  • Independent
    Thanks to the simple control and the 24V technology, the electro-pneumatic unit is predestined for mobile units with battery supply, such as driverless transport systems.
Series features
  • Integrated sensing
  • Digital I/O
  • Integrated valve technology
  • Design included
  • Multiple independent control
Installation Size: AEPN1100
Order-No.OperationDelivery ratePressure range 1
AEPN1100-00-Aelectric5 [Nl/min]4.5 ... 5.5 [bar]
  1. Air connection P2
  2. Air connection P1
  3. Quick exhaust valve
  4. Energy + control
  5. Ventilation/air intake
  6. Fixing