Principle of function

  • In a sealed housing there is a piston which is moving back- and forward. By means of the pressure-difference which results within the closing-movement the sealing-lip will be pressed against the breaking-collar. This breaking-collar expand and presses the cylinder in which it moves. Thus the friction-energy is generated.
  • No oil-leakage possible
  • Friction force is reated to the pressure

Damper with and whitout reset-function

Damper without reset-function needs a coupler onto the pistonrod is needed to be used within the fitting. The pistonrod do not extract by itself, it has to be extracted manually

Damper with a integrated reset-function a Coupler is not needed onto the pistonrod within the fitting. The pistonrod will be extracted automatically

without reset- function

with integrated reset- function

Graph air friction damper in self-closing units

Characteristic curve Air friction damper

Phase 1:  sharp breakage
Phase 2:  short stop,returning point
Phase 3:  dampened moving-in
Phase 4:  unit closed

Product range Air- friction damper

  • Housing length (l) 56 mm bis 164 mm
  • Housing diameter (d) 9 mm bis 16,6 mm
  • Stroke (s) 19 mm bis 110 mm