Gripper for axles


Heavy railway axles needed to be supplied to a lathe. In this process, the shafts not only needed to be gripped but also moved linearly and swiveled freely in space.


Due to the heavy weight, a special gripper with a linear axis has been developed. The rotation was enabled via a servo swivel axis that was implemented in an infinitely rotating design. The loading stroke of 500 mm was given a servo motor design, as was the gripper itself. The result is a rugged system solution entirely driven by a servo motor.

Highlights and technical data
  • IP40
  • Gripping force adjustable
  • Drive AC servo motor
  • External gripping
Technical Data
Drive typeelectric
Gripping conceptFORM
Gripping safety deviceSelf locking mechanism
Max. stroke135 [mm]
IP classIP40
System weight820 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight750 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature80 [°C]


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