Gripper for solar cells


When highly sensitive solar cells are handled, vacuum technology must fulfill the highest requirements. When picking up solar cells, the suction units must exert hardly any force on the workpiece as the solar cells are only a few millimeters thick and break very easily.


The solution is based on a special suction tappet with a high-precision guide for gently picking up the solar cells. The ground guide allows the suction unit to slide back very easily when making contact with the surface, enabling secure and reliable handling.

Highlights and technical data
  • IP40
  • Pneumatic
  • External gripping
Technical Data
Drive typeVAC
Max. gripping force45 [N]
Gripping conceptKRAFT
Gripping safety deviceDRUCKSICHER
IP classIP40
System weight0.5 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight0.5 [kg]
Max. workpiece temperature110 [°C]
Built-in standard components


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