Multifunction unit


Multifuction unit for trading of plate-shaped workpieces in combination with drilling machining as well as mounting of floor sockets.


Compact unit with different machining functions in different positions of the aggregate. Integration of Zimmer's own pneumatic grippers for parts handling as an add-on unit. The core of the MFU is the drilling gear unit with individually retrievable drilling spindles as well as an auxiliary unit for pulsating indentation of floor sockets.

Highlights and technical data
  • Pneumatic
  • External gripping
Technical Data
Drive typePNEU
Max. gripping force3000 [N]
Gripping conceptKRAFT
Gripping safety deviceDRUCKSICHER
Max. stroke60 [mm]
System weight50 [kg]
Max. workpiece weight30 [kg]
Built-in standard components


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