Clamping flange screwed on orthogonally
Series PKS

Available for M8-M36
You can use a clamping flange made of nickel-plated steel to connect the shock absorber to the structure more easily. After being fully screwed in, the shock absorber is clamped tightly to the clamping flange, which makes the locknut unnecessary.

PKS08X10-AM815 [g]Yes
PKS10X10-AM1018 [g]Yes
PKS12X10-AM1220 [g]Yes
PKS14X10-AM1432 [g]Yes
PKS14X15-AM1433 [g]Yes
PKS16X10-AM1632 [g]Yes
PKS16X15-AM1633 [g]Yes
PKS20X15-AM2059 [g]Yes
PKS22X15-AM2257 [g]Yes
PKS25X15-AM25110 [g]Yes
PKS27X30-AM27120 [g]Yes
PKS33X15-AM33180 [g]Yes
PKS36X15-AM36180 [g]Yes