Series PDD

Available for M4-M36
If the industrial shock absorber is being used within a pressure chamber, for instance in a pneumatic cylinder or a swivel unit, then a pressure chamber seal is required for sealing the outer contour of the shock absorber. For ideal sealing, the seal must make full-surface contact on both sides. The seal itself is made of NBR, which is applied to corrosion-protected chromated steel for stabilization purposes.

PDD04X05-AM41 [g]Yes
PDD05X05-AM51 [g]Yes
PDD06X05-AM61 [g]Yes
PDD08X10-AM81 [g]Yes
PDD10X10-AM101 [g]Yes
PDD12X10-AM122 [g]Yes
PDD14X10-AM143 [g]Yes
PDD14X15-AM143 [g]Yes
PDD16X10-AM163 [g]Yes
PDD16X15-AM163 [g]Yes
PDD20X15-AM205 [g]Yes
PDD22X15-AM226 [g]Yes
PDD25X15-AM257 [g]Yes
PDD27X30-AM278 [g]Yes
PDD33X15-AM3311 [g]Yes
PDD36X15-AM3618 [g]Yes