Side load adapters
Series PBV

Available for M8-M36 for normal and long stroke
If the industrial shock absorber is actuated with a higher angle of impact than the permissible misalignment of 2°, then a side load adapter must be provided. This increases the permissible angle of impact to 30°, which is especially advantageous for rotative applications.
The side load adapter can only be used in combination with an industrial shock absorber without a head. Here, the damper can alternatively be screwed on using the external thread of the side load adapter.
Consisting of a piston rod and housing made of stainless steel, the side load adapter is available in two protection configurations.
Protection: Wiper
Against liquids and oil
Protection: Felt ring
Against dust and chips

Order-No.ThreadAngle of Impact max.Protection
PBV08X10ND-AM830 [°]no protection
PBV08X10NF-AM830 [°]Felt ring
PBV08X10NA-AM830 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV10X10ND-AM1030 [°]no protection
PBV10X10NF-AM1030 [°]Felt ring
PBV10X10NA-AM1030 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV12X10ND-AM1230 [°]no protection
PBV12X10NF-AM1230 [°]Felt ring
PBV12X10NA-AM1230 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV14X10ND-AM1430 [°]no protection
PBV14X10NF-AM1430 [°]Felt ring
PBV14X10NA-AM1430 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV14X10LD-AM1430 [°]no protection
PBV14X10LF-AM1430 [°]Felt ring
PBV14X10LA-AM1430 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV14X15ND-AM1430 [°]no protection
PBV14X15NF-AM1430 [°]Felt ring
PBV14X15NA-AM1430 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV14X15LD-AM1430 [°]no protection
PBV14X15LF-AM1430 [°]Felt ring
PBV14X15LA-AM1430 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV16X10ND-AM1630 [°]no protection
PBV16X10NF-AM1630 [°]Felt ring
PBV16X10NA-AM1630 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV16X10LD-AM1630 [°]no protection
PBV16X10LF-AM1630 [°]Felt ring
PBV16X10LA-AM1630 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV16X15ND-AM1630 [°]no protection
PBV16X15NF-AM1630 [°]Felt ring
PBV16X15NA-AM1630 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV16X15LD-AM1630 [°]no protection
PBV16X15LF-AM1630 [°]Felt ring
PBV16X15LA-AM1630 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV20X15ND-AM2030 [°]no protection
PBV20X15NF-AM2030 [°]Felt ring
PBV20X15NA-AM2030 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV20X15LD-AM2030 [°]no protection
PBV20X15LF-AM2030 [°]Felt ring
PBV20X15LA-AM2030 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV22X15ND-AM2230 [°]no protection
PBV22X15NF-AM2230 [°]Felt ring
PBV22X15NA-AM2230 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV22X15LD-AM2230 [°]no protection
PBV22X15LF-AM2230 [°]Felt ring
PBV22X15LA-AM2230 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV25X15ND-AM2530 [°]no protection
PBV25X15NF-AM2530 [°]Felt ring
PBV25X15NA-AM2530 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV25X15LD-AM2530 [°]no protection
PBV25X15LF-AM2530 [°]Felt ring
PBV25X15LA-AM2530 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV27X15ND-AM2730 [°]no protection
PBV27X15NF-AM2730 [°]
PBV27X15NA-AM2730 [°]
PBV27X15LD-AM2730 [°]no protection
PBV27X15LF-AM2730 [°]
PBV27X15LA-AM2730 [°]
PBV27X30ND-AM2730 [°]no protection
PBV27X30NF-AM2730 [°]Felt ring
PBV27X30NA-AM2730 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV27X30LD-AM2730 [°]no protection
PBV27X30LF-AM2730 [°]Felt ring
PBV27X30LA-AM2730 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV33X15ND-AM3330 [°]no protection
PBV33X15NF-AM3330 [°]Felt ring
PBV33X15NA-AM3330 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV33X15LD-AM3330 [°]no protection
PBV33X15LF-AM3330 [°]Felt ring
PBV33X15LA-AM3330 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV36X15ND-AM3630 [°]no protection
PBV36X15NF-AM3630 [°]Felt ring
PBV36X15NA-AM3630 [°]Wiper (NBR)
PBV36X15LD-AM3630 [°]no protection
PBV36X15LF-AM3630 [°]Felt ring
PBV36X15LA-AM3630 [°]Wiper (NBR)