Need a reliable, intelligent electric gripper for small parts? Then the 2000 series is exactly right for you! The standard equipment package with a self-locking mechanism and IO-Link connection offers you reliability in your process sequence and convenient integration into your system. Because the series has earned Class 2 cleanroom certification, we guarantee minimal particle emissions, making the gripper ideal for use in the pharmaceutical or electrical industry. Automatic part detection, protector equipment and the flexible positioning set new benchmarks for electric grippers. Experience the benefits of the 2000 series!

2000 gripper series

Electric, compact and with a long stroke. If you need a gripper that combines these characteristics, you will find it in the 2000 series. Experience the benefits for yourself:

  • Flexible positioning thanks to IO-Link connection
  • Up to 10 million maintenance-free cycles
  • Largest stroke in a small installation space
  • Self-locking mechanism for greater safety in the production process
  • Easy integration into your control system

Mechanical self-locking mechanism

The standard equipment package with mechanical self-locking among the 2000 series grippers ensures that workpieces are held securely in the gripper at all times. This minimizes the risk of employee injuries or damage to workpieces and the system, even in a power failure or emergency stop.

Automatic part detection

The 2000 series grippers give you active support in quality assurance: The default values for your workpieces can be stored in the gripper, including tolerances. As a result of the integrated, automatic part detection, the gripper immediately detects deviations in the product. They can be removed from the product stream immediately.

Clean room class 2

Having earned Class 2 cleanroom certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644, the GEP2000 guarantees low particle emissions and therefore is ideally suited for use under increased hygiene requirements and in cleanrooms such as those in the pharmaceutical or electronics industry.

Protected from splash water

To respond to the varied requirements of a wide variety of application areas, the 2000 series grippers are fitted with wipers on the upper cover and have the increased protection class IP54. This provides protection against external influences such as splash water and small dust particles. In addition, its sealed guides and use of food-grade H1 grease are the ideal prerequisites for use in the food industry. The covers and screws are made of stainless steel, which makes cleaning easier and protects the grippers from corrosion damage.

IO-Link connection

The integrated IO-Link connection guarantees you maximum ease of implementation in your communication. With IO-Link as the transmission technology, your system is prepared for the requirements of the world of Industrie 4.0. This opens up a few benefits for you: flexible positioning options, convenient control and prevention of interference contours. IO-Link also enables integrated position sensing.


  • Translates IO-Link to digital inputs and outputs (digital I/O), as well as from digital I/O to IO-Link
  • Very easy control of intelligent IO-Link grippers via 24 V digital I/O
  • Configuration and training is done with the associated intuitive guideZ software
  • Can be used with one or two grippers, depending on the required flexibility
  • Up to 15 different workpieces can be taught in for one gripper


In addition to our standard gripper components, we also offer individualized system solutions – from the specification up to implementation – to meet your specific requirements. We specialize in providing high-quality solutions at competitive prices, thanks to the use of our trusted modules. We offer ready-to-connect system solutions for your applications and have a wide variety of assemblies in our portfolio. They are easy to adjust and configure and can be conveniently adapted to your specific application. Our trusted system solutions, more than 9,000 of which are already in use on the world market, have a high life expectancy with minimal maintenance effort. What's more, they are fit for Industrie 4.0!

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