universal jaw
Series UB5000

  • UB universal jaws
    Machinable gripper blanks that you can customize specifically for your applications.
Order-No.Compatible with installation sizeMaterialWeight
UB5003ALGPP5003 / GPD5003Aluminium0.024 [kg]
UB5003STGPP5003 / GPD5003Steel0.066 [kg]
UB5004ALGPP5004 / GPD5004Aluminium0.053 [kg]
UB5004STGPP5004 / GPD5004Steel0.15 [kg]
UB5006ALGPP5006 / GPD5006Aluminium0.095 [kg]
UB5006STGPP5006 / GPD5006Steel0.27 [kg]
UB5008ALGPP5008 / GPD5008Aluminium0.18 [kg]
UB5008STGPP5008 / GPD5008Steel0.51 [kg]
UB5010ALGPP5010 / GPD5010Aluminium0.35 [kg]
UB5010STGPP5010 / GPD5010Steel1 [kg]
UB5013ALGPP5013 / GPD5013Aluminium0.67 [kg]
UB5013STGPP5013 / GPD5013Steel1.9 [kg]
UB5016ALGPP5016 / GPD5016Aluminium1.2 [kg]
UB5016STGPP5016 / GPD5016Steel3.5 [kg]
UB5025ALGPP5025 / GPD5025Aluminium2.1 [kg]
UB5025STGPP5025 / GPD5025Steel5.9 [kg]
UB5030ALGPP5030 / GPD5030Aluminium3 [kg]
UB5030STGPP5030 / GPD5030Steel8.6 [kg]