Master Communication Module
Series MCM

  • All Zimmer Group IO-Link components can be used, regardless of the structure of the existing robot / system base
  • No complex cable routing through the robot or system (slip rings, contact elements etc. not required)
  • No source of error due to moving data cable (mechanical obstacle, broken wire) wearing part eliminated
  • Wireless range of point-to-point communication up to 10 m, up to 30 m with unobstructed view
  • 8 advanced grippers, 16 basic grippers or 16 digital devices
  • Industrial design
  • IP67 certified
  • Secure and reliable communication thanks to redundant signals and a maximum packet data error rate of 10-⁹
Order-No.ControlNumber of grippers, max.IO-Link class
MCM-EC-00-00-AEtherCAT16Class A/B
MCM-EI-00-00-AEthernet/IP16Class A/B
MCM-PN-00-00-AProfinet16Class A/B
MCM-PN-01-00-AProfinet8Class A/B