• Engineered according to BG/DGUV recommendation
  • Certified by BG/DGUV
  • Flexibility thanks to integrated workpiece detection featuring the entire stroke
  • Brushless drive technology
  • Self locking mechanism for save handling even in E-Stop
Installation Size: HRC-03
Order-No.Suitable for robot typeSuitable for controller typeFreedrive
HRC-03-100688AUBO i3 / i5 / i7 / i10
HRC-03-116787FANUC CRX
HRC-03-117137Rethink Sawyer
HRC-03-118505Universal Robots e-Series / HANWHA HCR with M8 Tool IOYes
HRC-03-125035Mitsubishi Assista
HRC-03-126649SIASUN SCR5/YASKAWA HC10 P-Version
HRC-03-126895DOOSAN M- / H- / A-Serie
HRC-03-126902ISO TK 50
HRC-03-133316YASKAWA HC10 P-Version
HRC-03-138553ISO TK 50
HRC-03-148656KUKA LBR iisy 3 R760

Reddot Design Award 2019