The accessories shown here have been developed specifically for the requirements of our 5000 series – premium grippers need premium accessories! For additional extras, such as sensors, pressure safety valves and much more, refer to the relevant product page.

Universal jaws – UB5000

Can be used immediately or for individual reprocessing

The gripper blanks are available in aluminum (AL) and steel (ST) versions and are installed directly on the gripper using the screws in the scope of delivery. The fits for the centering sleeves are already in place for this purpose. One universal jaw is required for each gripper jaw.

Series UB5000

Adjustment jaws – EB5000

For tool-free adaptation of the gripper range

By manually activating the locking mechanism, which is pretensioned by a spring, the adjustment jaw can be moved within a grid of detent notches that has a number scale. Depending on the forces and torques that apply, the adjustment jaws are available in aluminum (AL) and steel (ST) versions. One adjustment jaw is required for each gripper jaw.

Series EB5000

Interchangeable jaws – WB5000

Enable fast change of individual gripper fingers

For each gripper jaw, a fixed part and at least one loose part set is needed, depending on the number of gripper fingers to be changed. Manual locking via the Torx wrench included in the scope of delivery of the fixed part can take place from two sides.

Series WB5000

Pressure piece – ADS5000

Only available for SERIES GPD

When the gripper fingers are open, thepressure piece is used for spring-supported positioning of the workpiece against a limit stop. This greatly reduces the loads on the gripper that arise during joining.

Series ADS