Technical details

Protector variants (available for Steel Linear Guide only)

Besides the basic variant with IP64, the series also offers protector variants featuring a protection class as high as IP67 and temperature-resistant grippers.

  1. Wedge hook mechanism
    Supports to absorb high forces and moments Synchronized gripper jaw movement
  2. Gripper jaw
    Gripper fingers mounted using removable centering sleeves Lubricated for life via incorporated lubrication slots
  3. Steel Linear Guide
    Steel in steel guide Enables use of extremely long gripper fingers Also available in steel / aluminum variant
  4. Mounting block
    mounting for inductive proximity switch
  5. Integrated gripping force safety device
    Spring built into cylinder chamber as an energy store
  6. Drive
    Double-acting pneumatic rotor cylinder
  7. Mounting and positioning
    Alternatively, on several sides for customized mounting Pneumatic and electrical versions identical apart from height
  8. Sensing slot
    mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors
  9. Dual lip seal
    IP64 and up to IP67 (with purged air) for Protector version Prevents grease from being squeezed out, increasing service life

Transverse sensor grooves

The transverse sensor grooves mean you can change the piston position sensing quickly and easily, wherever the gripper is installed.

Limit stops for inductive sensors

Limit stops for inductive sensors ensure fast and reliable replacement. Sensing is adjusted using only a screw that does not require additional clamping.

Additional drilled holes

With additional pin holes underneath the cover plate for customer-specific attachments.