3-Jaw Concentric Grippers
Series GPD5000

"The best"

  • Steel Linear Guide – 
    The superior guidance system concept

    The steel / steel guide stands for lasting precision, durability and a long service life—featuring maintenance intervals of up to 30 million gripping cycles. Benefit from these features and increase the profitability and process reliability of your machine.
  • Leakproof and corrosion protected – The universal gripper
    Suitable for virtually all ambient conditions, with a sealed guide up to IP67 and corrosion protection as standard, you are able to use this gripper universally. As a result, the range of models in your production is reduced, along with a reduction in associated storage and process costs.
  • Aluminum Linear Guide – The alternative
    Reduced to those aspects which are the most important, the steel / aluminum guide variant offers significantly better performance when compared to a similar gripper with a T-groove travel guide, and is on par with the best principles of toothed guidance systems.
Series features
  • 30 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • IP40
  • IP64
  • IP67
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive sensor
  • Purged air
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Long stroke / Spring closing
  • High-strength / Spring closing
  • Long stroke / Spring opening
  • High-strength / Spring opening
  • Long stroke
  • High-strength
  • 15 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • Steel Linear Guide
  • Aluminum Linear Guide
  • Clean room certified
Installation Size: GPD5003
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5003N-00-A2.5 [mm]310 [N]335 [N]
GPD5003NC-00-A2.5 [mm]440 [N]
GPD5003NO-00-A2.5 [mm]465 [N]
GPD5003N-20-A2.5 [mm]310 [N]335 [N]
GPD5003NC-20-A2.5 [mm]440 [N]
GPD5003NO-20-A2.5 [mm]465 [N]
GPD5003N-21-A2.5 [mm]310 [N]335 [N]
GPD5003NC-21-A2.5 [mm]440 [N]
GPD5003NO-21-A2.5 [mm]465 [N]
GPD5003N-24-A2.5 [mm]310 [N]335 [N]
GPD5003NC-24-A2.5 [mm]440 [N]
GPD5003NO-24-A2.5 [mm]465 [N]
GPD5003N-AL-A2.5 [mm]310 [N]335 [N]
GPD5003NC-AL-A2.5 [mm]440 [N]
GPD5003NO-AL-A2.5 [mm]465 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5004
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5004N-00-A4 [mm]460 [N]500 [N]
GPD5004NC-00-A4 [mm]650 [N]
GPD5004NO-00-A4 [mm]690 [N]
GPD5004S-00-A2 [mm]1010 [N]1100 [N]
GPD5004SC-00-A2 [mm]1430 [N]
GPD5004SO-00-A2 [mm]1520 [N]
GPD5004N-20-A4 [mm]460 [N]500 [N]
GPD5004NC-20-A4 [mm]650 [N]
GPD5004NO-20-A4 [mm]690 [N]
GPD5004S-20-A2 [mm]1010 [N]1100 [N]
GPD5004SC-20-A2 [mm]1430 [N]
GPD5004SO-20-A2 [mm]1520 [N]
GPD5004N-21-A4 [mm]460 [N]500 [N]
GPD5004NC-21-A4 [mm]650 [N]
GPD5004NO-21-A4 [mm]690 [N]
GPD5004S-21-A2 [mm]1010 [N]1100 [N]
GPD5004SC-21-A2 [mm]1430 [N]
GPD5004SO-21-A2 [mm]1520 [N]
GPD5004N-24-A4 [mm]460 [N]500 [N]
GPD5004NC-24-A4 [mm]650 [N]
GPD5004NO-24-A4 [mm]690 [N]
GPD5004S-24-A2 [mm]1010 [N]1100 [N]
GPD5004SC-24-A2 [mm]1430 [N]
GPD5004SO-24-A2 [mm]1520 [N]
GPD5004N-AL-A4 [mm]460 [N]500 [N]
GPD5004NC-AL-A4 [mm]650 [N]
GPD5004NO-AL-A4 [mm]690 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5006
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5006N-00-A6 [mm]740 [N]800 [N]
GPD5006NC-00-A6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-00-A6 [mm]1080 [N]
GPD5006S-00-A3 [mm]1620 [N]1750 [N]
GPD5006SC-00-A3 [mm]2240 [N]
GPD5006SO-00-A3 [mm]2370 [N]
GPD5006N-20-A6 [mm]740 [N]800 [N]
GPD5006NC-20-A6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-20-A6 [mm]1080 [N]
GPD5006S-20-A3 [mm]1620 [N]1750 [N]
GPD5006SC-20-A3 [mm]2240 [N]
GPD5006SO-20-A3 [mm]2370 [N]
GPD5006N-21-A6 [mm]740 [N]800 [N]
GPD5006NC-21-A6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-21-A6 [mm]1080 [N]
GPD5006S-21-A3 [mm]1620 [N]1750 [N]
GPD5006SC-21-A3 [mm]2240 [N]
GPD5006SO-21-A3 [mm]2370 [N]
GPD5006N-24-A6 [mm]740 [N]800 [N]
GPD5006NC-24-A6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-24-A6 [mm]1080 [N]
GPD5006S-24-A3 [mm]1620 [N]1750 [N]
GPD5006SC-24-A3 [mm]2240 [N]
GPD5006SO-24-A3 [mm]2370 [N]
GPD5006N-AL-A6 [mm]740 [N]800 [N]
GPD5006NC-AL-A6 [mm]1020 [N]
GPD5006NO-AL-A6 [mm]1080 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5008
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5008N-00-A8 [mm]1260 [N]1340 [N]
GPD5008NC-00-A8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-00-A8 [mm]1770 [N]
GPD5008S-00-A4 [mm]2780 [N]2960 [N]
GPD5008SC-00-A4 [mm]3730 [N]
GPD5008SO-00-A4 [mm]3910 [N]
GPD5008N-20-A8 [mm]1260 [N]1340 [N]
GPD5008NC-20-A8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-20-A8 [mm]1770 [N]
GPD5008S-20-A4 [mm]2780 [N]2960 [N]
GPD5008SC-20-A4 [mm]3730 [N]
GPD5008SO-20-A4 [mm]3910 [N]
GPD5008N-21-A8 [mm]1260 [N]1340 [N]
GPD5008NC-21-A8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-21-A8 [mm]1770 [N]
GPD5008S-21-A4 [mm]2780 [N]2960 [N]
GPD5008SC-21-A4 [mm]3730 [N]
GPD5008SO-21-A4 [mm]3910 [N]
GPD5008N-24-A8 [mm]1260 [N]1340 [N]
GPD5008NC-24-A8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-24-A8 [mm]1770 [N]
GPD5008S-24-A4 [mm]2780 [N]2960 [N]
GPD5008SC-24-A4 [mm]3730 [N]
GPD5008SO-24-A4 [mm]3910 [N]
GPD5008N-AL-A8 [mm]1260 [N]1340 [N]
GPD5008NC-AL-A8 [mm]1690 [N]
GPD5008NO-AL-A8 [mm]1770 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5010
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5010N-00-A10 [mm]2290 [N]2400 [N]
GPD5010NC-00-A10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-00-A10 [mm]3250 [N]
GPD5010S-00-A5 [mm]5050 [N]5280 [N]
GPD5010SC-00-A5 [mm]6930 [N]
GPD5010SO-00-A5 [mm]7160 [N]
GPD5010N-20-A10 [mm]2290 [N]2400 [N]
GPD5010NC-20-A10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-20-A10 [mm]3250 [N]
GPD5010S-20-A5 [mm]5050 [N]5280 [N]
GPD5010SC-20-A5 [mm]6930 [N]
GPD5010SO-20-A5 [mm]7160 [N]
GPD5010N-21-A10 [mm]2290 [N]2400 [N]
GPD5010NC-21-A10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-21-A10 [mm]3250 [N]
GPD5010S-21-A5 [mm]5050 [N]5280 [N]
GPD5010SC-21-A5 [mm]6930 [N]
GPD5010SO-21-A5 [mm]7160 [N]
GPD5010N-24-A10 [mm]2290 [N]2400 [N]
GPD5010NC-24-A10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-24-A10 [mm]3250 [N]
GPD5010S-24-A5 [mm]5050 [N]5280 [N]
GPD5010SC-24-A5 [mm]6930 [N]
GPD5010SO-24-A5 [mm]7160 [N]
GPD5010N-AL-A10 [mm]2290 [N]2400 [N]
GPD5010NC-AL-A10 [mm]3140 [N]
GPD5010NO-AL-A10 [mm]3250 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5013
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5013N-00-A13 [mm]3770 [N]3910 [N]
GPD5013NC-00-A13 [mm]5060 [N]
GPD5013NO-00-A13 [mm]5200 [N]
GPD5013S-00-A6 [mm]8310 [N]8600 [N]
GPD5013SC-00-A6 [mm]11160 [N]
GPD5013SO-00-A6 [mm]11450 [N]
GPD5013N-20-A13 [mm]3770 [N]3910 [N]
GPD5013NC-20-A13 [mm]5060 [N]
GPD5013NO-20-A13 [mm]5200 [N]
GPD5013S-20-A6 [mm]8310 [N]8600 [N]
GPD5013SC-20-A6 [mm]11160 [N]
GPD5013SO-20-A6 [mm]11450 [N]
GPD5013N-21-A13 [mm]3770 [N]3910 [N]
GPD5013NC-21-A13 [mm]5060 [N]
GPD5013NO-21-A13 [mm]5050 [N]
GPD5013S-21-A6 [mm]8310 [N]8600 [N]
GPD5013SC-21-A6 [mm]11160 [N]
GPD5013SO-21-A6 [mm]11450 [N]
GPD5013N-24-A13 [mm]3700 [N]3850 [N]
GPD5013NC-24-A13 [mm]4900 [N]
GPD5013NO-24-A13 [mm]5200 [N]
GPD5013S-24-A6 [mm]8310 [N]8600 [N]
GPD5013SC-24-A6 [mm]11160 [N]
GPD5013SO-24-A6 [mm]11450 [N]
GPD5013N-AL-A13 [mm]3770 [N]3910 [N]
GPD5013NC-AL-A13 [mm]5060 [N]
GPD5013NO-AL-A13 [mm]5200 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5016
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5016N-00-A16 [mm]6870 [N]7120 [N]
GPD5016NC-00-A16 [mm]9240 [N]
GPD5016NO-00-A16 [mm]9490 [N]
GPD5016S-00-A8 [mm]14700 [N]15250 [N]
GPD5016SC-00-A8 [mm]19780 [N]
GPD5016SO-00-A8 [mm]20330 [N]
GPD5016N-20-A16 [mm]6870 [N]7120 [N]
GPD5016NC-20-A16 [mm]9240 [N]
GPD5016NO-20-A16 [mm]9490 [N]
GPD5016S-20-A8 [mm]14700 [N]15250 [N]
GPD5016SC-20-A8 [mm]19780 [N]
GPD5016SO-20-A8 [mm]20330 [N]
GPD5016N-21-A16 [mm]6870 [N]7120 [N]
GPD5016NC-21-A16 [mm]9240 [N]
GPD5016NO-21-A16 [mm]9490 [N]
GPD5016S-21-A8 [mm]14700 [N]15250 [N]
GPD5016SC-21-A8 [mm]19780 [N]
GPD5016SO-21-A8 [mm]20330 [N]
GPD5016N-24-A16 [mm]6870 [N]7120 [N]
GPD5016NC-24-A16 [mm]9240 [N]
GPD5016NO-24-A16 [mm]9490 [N]
GPD5016S-24-A8 [mm]14700 [N]15250 [N]
GPD5016SC-24-A8 [mm]19780 [N]
GPD5016SO-24-A8 [mm]20330 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5025
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5025N-00-A25 [mm]8430 [N]8730 [N]
GPD5025NC-00-A25 [mm]11560 [N]
GPD5025NO-00-A25 [mm]11860 [N]
GPD5025S-00-A14 [mm]16240 [N]16820 [N]
GPD5025SC-00-A14 [mm]22270 [N]
GPD5025SO-00-A14 [mm]22850 [N]
GPD5025N-20-A25 [mm]8430 [N]8730 [N]
GPD5025NC-20-A25 [mm]11560 [N]
GPD5025NO-20-A25 [mm]11860 [N]
GPD5025S-20-A14 [mm]16240 [N]16820 [N]
GPD5025SC-20-A14 [mm]22270 [N]
GPD5025SO-20-A14 [mm]22850 [N]
GPD5025N-21-A25 [mm]8430 [N]8730 [N]
GPD5025NC-21-A25 [mm]11560 [N]
GPD5025NO-21-A25 [mm]11860 [N]
GPD5025S-21-A14 [mm]16240 [N]16820 [N]
GPD5025SC-21-A14 [mm]22270 [N]
GPD5025SO-21-A14 [mm]22850 [N]
GPD5025N-24-A25 [mm]8430 [N]8730 [N]
GPD5025NC-24-A25 [mm]11560 [N]
GPD5025NO-24-A25 [mm]11860 [N]
GPD5025S-24-A14 [mm]16240 [N]16820 [N]
GPD5025SC-24-A14 [mm]22270 [N]
GPD5025SO-24-A14 [mm]22850 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5030
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5030N-00-A30 [mm]12130 [N]12540 [N]
GPD5030NC-00-A30 [mm]16560 [N]
GPD5030NO-00-A30 [mm]16970 [N]
GPD5030S-00-A17 [mm]23150 [N]23930 [N]
GPD5030SC-00-A17 [mm]31620 [N]
GPD5030SO-00-A17 [mm]32400 [N]
GPD5030N-20-A30 [mm]12130 [N]12540 [N]
GPD5030NC-20-A30 [mm]16560 [N]
GPD5030NO-20-A30 [mm]16970 [N]
GPD5030S-20-A17 [mm]23150 [N]23930 [N]
GPD5030SC-20-A17 [mm]31620 [N]
GPD5030SO-20-A17 [mm]32400 [N]
GPD5030N-21-A30 [mm]12130 [N]12540 [N]
GPD5030NC-21-A30 [mm]16560 [N]
GPD5030NO-21-A30 [mm]16970 [N]
GPD5030S-21-A17 [mm]23150 [N]23930 [N]
GPD5030SC-21-A17 [mm]31620 [N]
GPD5030SO-21-A17 [mm]32400 [N]
GPD5030N-24-A30 [mm]12130 [N]12540 [N]
GPD5030NC-24-A30 [mm]16560 [N]
GPD5030NO-24-A30 [mm]16970 [N]
GPD5030S-24-A17 [mm]23150 [N]23930 [N]
GPD5030SC-24-A17 [mm]31620 [N]
GPD5030SO-24-A17 [mm]32400 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5035
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5035N-00-A35 [mm]16600 [N]17100 [N]
GPD5035NC-00-A35 [mm]23300 [N]
GPD5035NO-00-A35 [mm]23800 [N]
GPD5035S-00-A20 [mm]31500 [N]32500 [N]
GPD5035SC-00-A20 [mm]44200 [N]
GPD5035SO-00-A20 [mm]45200 [N]
GPD5035N-20-A35 [mm]16600 [N]17100 [N]
GPD5035NC-20-A35 [mm]23300 [N]
GPD5035NO-20-A35 [mm]23800 [N]
GPD5035S-20-A20 [mm]31500 [N]32500 [N]
GPD5035SC-20-A20 [mm]44200 [N]
GPD5035SO-20-A20 [mm]45200 [N]
GPD5035N-21-A35 [mm]16600 [N]17100 [N]
GPD5035NC-21-A35 [mm]23300 [N]
GPD5035NO-21-A35 [mm]23800 [N]
GPD5035S-21-A20 [mm]31500 [N]32500 [N]
GPD5035SC-21-A20 [mm]44200 [N]
GPD5035SO-21-A20 [mm]45200 [N]
GPD5035N-24-A35 [mm]16600 [N]17100 [N]
GPD5035NC-24-A35 [mm]23300 [N]
GPD5035NO-24-A35 [mm]23800 [N]
GPD5035S-24-A20 [mm]31500 [N]32500 [N]
GPD5035SC-24-A20 [mm]44200 [N]
GPD5035SO-24-A20 [mm]45200 [N]
Installation Size: GPD5045
Order-No.Stroke per jawGripping force in closingGripping force in opening
GPD5045N-00-A45 [mm]27900 [N]28850 [N]
GPD5045NC-00-A45 [mm]36900 [N]
GPD5045NO-00-A45 [mm]37850 [N]
GPD5045S-00-A26 [mm]53500 [N]55400 [N]
GPD5045SC-00-A26 [mm]70600 [N]
GPD5045SO-00-A26 [mm]72500 [N]
GPD5045N-20-A45 [mm]27900 [N]28850 [N]
GPD5045NC-20-A45 [mm]36900 [N]
GPD5045NO-20-A45 [mm]37850 [N]
GPD5045S-20-A26 [mm]53500 [N]55400 [N]
GPD5045SC-20-A26 [mm]70600 [N]
GPD5045SO-20-A26 [mm]72500 [N]
GPD5045N-21-A45 [mm]27900 [N]28850 [N]
GPD5045NC-21-A45 [mm]36900 [N]
GPD5045NO-21-A45 [mm]37850 [N]
GPD5045S-21-A26 [mm]53500 [N]55400 [N]
GPD5045SC-21-A26 [mm]70600 [N]
GPD5045SO-21-A26 [mm]72500 [N]
GPD5045N-24-A45 [mm]27900 [N]28850 [N]
GPD5045NC-24-A45 [mm]36900 [N]
GPD5045NO-24-A45 [mm]37850 [N]
GPD5045S-24-A26 [mm]53500 [N]55400 [N]
GPD5045SC-24-A26 [mm]70600 [N]
GPD5045SO-24-A26 [mm]72500 [N]
  1. Wedge hook mechanism
    high forces and moments capacity Synchronized gripper jaw movement
  2. Gripper jaw
    Gripper fingers mounted using removable centering sleeves Lubricated for life via incorporated lubrication slots
  3. Mounting block
    mounting for inductive proximity switch
  4. Integrated gripping force safety device
    Spring built into cylinder chamber as an energy store
  5. Sensing slot
    mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors
  6. Mounting and positioning
    Alternatively, on several sides for customized mounting Pneumatic and electrical versions identical apart from height
  7. Drive
    Double-acting pneumatic rotor cylinder
  8. Steel Linear Guide
    Steel in steel guide Enables use of extremely long gripper fingers Also available in steel / aluminum variant
  9. Dual lip seal
    IP64 and up to IP67 (with purged air) for Protector version Prevents grease from being squeezed out, increasing service life


*Certifications are valid for all versions only up to installation size GPD5013