Magnetic gripper
Series HPM2000

  • Secure hold during EMERGENCY STOP
    The battery cell is held securely by the permanent magnet even in the event of a pressure drop
  • Secure query
    The solenoid position and battery cell can be queried to ensure that the battery cell is applied and the solenoid is activated before starting transportation
  • Safe against uncontrolled discharge
    The insulating contact surface prevents the battery cell from discharging uncontrollably via the system
Series features
  • 5 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • IP54
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive sensor
Installation Size: HPM2046
Order-No.Retention force min.Operating pressure min.Operating pressure max.
HPM2046N-04-A65 [N]3 [bar]6.5 [bar]
HPM2046N-04-A-0165 [N]3 [bar]6.5 [bar]
  1. Mounting and positioning
    via centering pins and thread Z-compensation available as an accessory
  2. Energy supply
    tubeless possible via adapter plate
  3. Sensing slot
    Querying the solenoid position via magnetic field sensors
  4. Robust, lightweight housing
    Hard-coated aluminum alloy
  5. Permanent magnet
    requires no power supply
  6. Contact plate
    Suitable for battery cell diameter 46 mm Insulating against the battery cell with centering aid HPM2046N-04-A, without HPM2046N-04-A-01 Centering aid enables center offset of up to +/-2 mm
  7. Query battery cell
    Possible via plunger in combination with inductive proximity switch