Rotary Distributors
Series DVR1000

  • Rotary distributor with Industrial Ethernet
    The integrated slip ring lets you transmit future-ready Industrial Ethernet to your machine for the first time with complete process reliability
  • 8x integrated air-feed-through
    Keep wear to a minimum and eliminate undefined interference contours from your hose package in order to use your machine‘s installation space more eff ectively
  • Double bearings
    The integrated roller bearings provide high stiffness and allows you to maximize the operational dynamics of your robot, improving your cycle times
Installation Size: DVR1125
Order-No.Connecting flange according EN ISO 9409-1Pneumatic energy transferFlow per connector
DVR1125PBTK 1258 [Quantity]290 [l/min]
DVR1125PNTK 1258 [Quantity]290 [l/min]