Tool Changers
Series WWR1000

  • Secure hold during pressure drop
    A redundant system, created by the combination of spring accumulator and a self locking mechanism, guarantees a safe machine
  • Handling weight from up to one tonne
    Automated changes can be carried out by this changer with process reliability even with the largest robots
  • Inexhaustible variety of media transfer systems
    No matter which medium you would like to transmit, we will draw from our wealth of experience in implementing projects and find a solution to suit your needs!
Installation Size: WWR1160
Order-No.VerriegelungshubEmpfohlenes HandlingsgewichtSelbsthemmung beim Verriegeln
WWR1160F1 [mm]500 [kg]mechanical
Installation Size: WWR1200
Order-No.VerriegelungshubEmpfohlenes HandlingsgewichtSelbsthemmung beim Verriegeln
WWR1200F1 [mm]1000 [kg]mechanical
  1. Fix part
    for robot side assembly
  2. Centering bolts
    twist protection and positioning for loose part
  3. Loose part
    for tool side assembly
  4. Locking bolt
    adapted to the clamping sleeve
  5. Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  6. Integrated spring
    energy storage in case of drop in pressure
  7. Piston position sensing
    via inductive proximity switch
  8. Locking sleeve
  9. Robot flange
    partial mounting circle in accordance with EN ISO 9409-1
  10. Mounting for energy element