Clamping elements | electric
Series LCE

  • broad range of products
    For all common profile rail guides
  • Energy-efficient (bistable)
    Opens and closes using 24 V DC voltage
  • Purely electric
    Up to 1 million static clamping cycles
Order-No.Holding forceZIM_SAInstallation direction
LCE1501AS1600 [N]from above
LCE1501AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1501CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1501ES1-A400 [N]from the front
LCE1501GS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1505AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1512ES1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1512FS1-A400 [N]from the front
LCE1501QS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1502BS1-A400 [N]from the front
LCE1510AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1514AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1514KS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1512CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE1514BS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2001AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2001CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2001ES1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2001GS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2002AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2002CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2005AS1-A400 [N]from the front
LCE2006GS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2012CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2012ES1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2012FS1-A400 [N]from the front
LCE2014AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2017ES1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2010AS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2014CS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2001QS1-A400 [N]from above
LCE2501AS11100 [N]from above
LCE2505AS11100 [N]from the front
LCE2501AS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2501CS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2501ES1-A900 [N]from the front
LCE2501GS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2503AS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2505AS1-A900 [N]from the front
LCE2505BS1-A900 [N]from the front
LCE2506GS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2512ES1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2512FS1-A900 [N]from the front
LCE2514AS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2514HS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2514CS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2510AS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2501QS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE2514KS1-A900 [N]from above
LCE3005AS1-A1400 [N]from above
LCE3001AS1-A1400 [N]from above
LCE3010BS1-A1400 [N]from above
LCE3012ES1-A1400 [N]from above
  1. Profile rail guide
    Available for all common profile rail guides
  2. Wedge-type gear
    Power transmission between motor and clamping jaw
  3. Clamping jaw
    Pressed at the free surfaces of the profile rail guide
  4. Housing
    chemically nickel plated steel
  5. electric drive
    Moves the wedge-type gear longitudinally
  6. Sliding block
    For floating bearings