Clamping elements | hydraulic
Series DKHS1000

  • Highest accuracy in rotational axis
    No moving functional parts and therefore backlash-free Drive can be taken out of the drive control
  • Fastest reaction time and pressureless safety function
    Due to a low displacement volume and internal stress of the housing
  • Market leading cycles
    Housing strain stays below the elastic fatigue limit
Order-No.Holding torque at 5 arcsecShaft ØOperating pressure min.
DKHS1180-00-A1300 [Nm]180 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1200-00-A1600 [Nm]200 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1220-00-A1900 [Nm]220 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1240-00-A2200 [Nm]240 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1260-00-A2600 [Nm]260 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1280-00-A3000 [Nm]280 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1300-00-A3100 [Nm]300 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1320-00-A3900 [Nm]320 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1340-00-A4200 [Nm]340 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1395-00-A6000 [Nm]395 [mm]100.0 [bar]
DKHS1460-00-A8000 [Nm]460 [mm]100.0 [bar]
  1. Housing
    Holding torque due to pre-stressed, high tensile tool steel
  2. Housing connection
    Screw connection to the connecting construction
  3. Clamping area
    Backlash-free Clamping of the rotary axis
  4. Pressure chamber
    Opens the element under pressure in the elastic range
  5. Shaft connection
    Connection with the rotary axis
  6. Sealing
    Prestressed and self-enforcing under pressure
  7. Retain plate
    Secures and holds the sealing in position
  8. Hydraulic connection
    Sealing through O-Ring and surrounding cutting ring