Clamping elements | pneumatic
Series DKPS1000

  • High holding torque without additional air
    Enhanced safety due to securing the
    rotation axes
  • Simple status sensing
    Efficient and fast process flow
  • Market leading cycles
    Leak-free thanks to a proven piston seal
Order-No.Shaft ØOperating pressure min.Holding torque
DKPS1050-00-A50 [mm]5.5 [bar]120 [Nm]
DKPS1050-10-A50 [mm]4 [bar]80 [Nm]
DKPS1090-00-A90 [mm]5.5 [bar]350 [Nm]
DKPS1090-10-A90 [mm]4 [bar]230 [Nm]
DKPS1120-00-A120 [mm]5.5 [bar]530 [Nm]
DKPS1160-00-A160 [mm]5.5 [bar]1000 [Nm]
DKPS1160-10-A160 [mm]4 [bar]660 [Nm]
  1. Housing
  2. Housing connection
    Screw connection to the connecting construction
  3. Piston
    Special shape for optimal spring deflection
  4. Disk springs/spring accumulators
    For unpressurized holding torque generation through pre-loading
  5. Clamping area
    Direct clamping of the rotation axes
  6. Pneumatic connection