Clamping elements | pneumatic
Series TPS

  • Independent of the manufacturer
    For circular guides and shaft guides
  • Energize to open (NC)
    through spring-loaded energy storage
  • high durability
    Up to 5 million static clamping cycles Internal torque input No wear on the shaft
  • Safety element
    Safe clamping in case of energy failure
Order-No.Nominal operating pressureShaft ØHolding force
TPS05050 [mm]
TPS06060 [mm]
TPS08080 [mm]
TPS09090 [mm]
TPS120120 [mm]
TPS160160 [mm]
TPS200200 [mm]
  1. Clamping flange
    For fastening to the shaft
  2. Clamping segments
    Fastens clamping disk inside the element
  3. Housing
    chemically nickel plated steel
  4. Pneumatic piston
    Ring pistons move the clamping segments longitudinally
  5. Spring-loaded energy storage
    For non-pressurized closing of the clamping unit