Clamping element
Series TPS

  • Independent of the manufacturer
    For circular guides and shaft guides
  • Energize to open (NC)
    through spring-loaded energy storage
  • high durability
    Up to 5 million static clamping cycles Internal torque input No wear on the shaft
  • Safety element
    Safe clamping in case of energy failure
Order-No.Shaft ØOperating pressure min.Holding torque
TPS05050 [mm]4 [bar]60 [Nm]
TPS06060 [mm]4 [bar]80 [Nm]
TPS08080 [mm]5.5 [bar]140 [Nm]
TPS09090 [mm]5.5 [bar]140 [Nm]
TPS120120 [mm]5.5 [bar]180 [Nm]
TPS160160 [mm]5.5 [bar]400 [Nm]
TPS200200 [mm]5.5 [bar]500 [Nm]
  1. Clamping flange
    For fastening to the shaft
  2. Clamping segments
    Fastens clamping disk inside the element
  3. Housing
  4. Pneumatic piston
    Ring pistons move the clamping segments longitudinally
  5. Spring-loaded energy storage
    For non-pressurized closing of the clamping unit