Clamping element
Series MKR

  • Independent of the manufacturer
    For circular guides and shaft guides
  • Energize to close (NO)
    Closing with pressure
  • high durability
    Up to 5 million static clamping cycles
Order-No.Holding forceNominal operating pressureShaft Ø
MKR1000A650 [N]6 [bar]10 [mm]
MKR1200A650 [N]6 [bar]12 [mm]
MKR1500A-A650 [N]6 [bar]15 [mm]
MKR1600A-A650 [N]6 [bar]16 [mm]
MKR2000A1000 [N]6 [bar]20 [mm]
MKR2500A1200 [N]6 [bar]25 [mm]
MKR3000A1750 [N]6 [bar]30 [mm]
MKR3200A1850 [N]6 [bar]32 [mm]
MKR4000A1850 [N]6 [bar]40 [mm]
MKR5000A1850 [N]6 [bar]50 [mm]
MKR6000A1850 [N]6 [bar]60 [mm]
  1. Circular guide
    Compatible with circular and shaft guides
  2. Wedge-type gear
    Power transmission between piston and clamping jaw
  3. Clamping jaw
    Pressed at the circular guide
  4. Housing
  5. Pneumatic piston
    The piston moves the wedge-type gear longitudinally