Pallet changer
Series SPP

  • Maximum clamping and holding force
  • Slim design for maximum utilization of the machine space
  • Sensing of clamping state and pallet presence
  • Reliable handling thanks to cleaning function and spring accumulator
Series features
  • Torque support
  • Form fit
  • Pins compatible with reference system
  • Protected against corrosion
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Low height
  • PLUS connection
  • Pneumatic
Installation Size: 138
Order-No.OperationPull-in forcePull-in force with PLUS connection
SPP138-Bpneumatic10.0 [kN]22.0 [kN]
  1. Pallet changer
    For robot side assembly
  2. Pallet coupling
    For mounting on the pallet/workpiece side
  3. Spring accumulator
    energy storage in case of drop in pressure
  4. Torque support/rotation lock
    High snapshot
  5. Locking
    Positive locking by means of clamping segments
  6. Clamping pin
    Power transmission between pallet coupling and pallet changer
  7. Drive
    Double-acting pneumatic rotor cylinder
  8. Piston position sensing
    Via magnetic field sensors, on both sides