cloudZ enables the connection of Zimmer Group components to the cloud and its vertical, location-independent communication. The advantages of a connection to cloudZ are as versatile as they are self-evident. Starting with the convenient and clear read-out of product IDs and serial numbers, through the visualization of status and process parameters at a central control point, to the maximization of OEE in the individual application and collecting it for reports or even creating statistics, whether on-site or thousands of miles away. The cloudZ user interface has been developed for fast, secure and convenient browser-based operation and is compatible with any Internet-capable computer, tablet or smartphone.

Your connection to the cloud

SCM, the master gateway for all IO-Link components from Zimmer Group, features two channels for connecting two components to the cloud or connecting to a higher-level edge structure and enables the direct implementation of the digital bus protocol to IO-Link and vice versa. The module thus makes it possible to integrate IO-Link components into a digital infrastructure and utilize almost the entire extended functional range of IO-Link components.  To ensure maximum fl exibility in the operating environment, the SCM is available in two versions – for control cabinet installation (protection class IP20) or for end-of-arm installation on the robot (IP54).


  • Provision of status process parameters
  • Easier integration of components
  • Basis for Condition Monitoring /Predictive Maintenance
  • High level of flexibility and scalability
  • Access from anywhere

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