The TwinStore is an online store for simulation models for the virtual commissioning of your plant. Here you will find virtual product catalogs from the Zimmer Group as well as many other manufacturers from the fields of handling, drive and conveyor technology, among others. By using these existing simulation models, you can significantly reduce your modeling times and also simulate irregular operating modes, dynamic parameterizations and real-time behavior. A seamless integration into the runtime environment of ISG-virtuos is easily feasible.

Digital Services

Your benefits

  • Virtual product catalogs from the fields of robotics, handling, drive and conveyor technology, among others
  • Time savings through integration of already prefabricated simulation models
  • More detailed simulation through the use of realistic models to represent e.g. the original real-time behavior
  • Smooth integration into the runtime environment of ISG-virtuos




Standard components

The TwinStore already includes solutions from the area of standard components from our technology areas of handling technology,  linear technology,  damping technology  and machine tooling technology as an ISG-virtuos model. In addition to a download, you can also contact us directly here if you have any questions.

Individual or complex components (SEMI/custom/FBG)

On request from customers, we also develop virtuos models for individual or complex components (SEMI/custom/FBG).

Private TwinStore

We are currently also building up in-house module libraries coordinated with our partners. This will allow us to quickly and flexibly create digital twins from predefined modules.

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