• Zones of action
  • Workpiece holder in the secured area
  • Gripper with special HRC geometry
  • Secure holding of the workpiece, even if the power supply fails
  • Shared workspaces
  • Coupled work
  • No contact necessary
  • Reduced speed
  • Shared workspaces
  • Workpiece holder in the unsecured area
  • Gripper with special HRC geometry and reliable gripping force limiter
  • Gripping force limited to a max. of 140 N as per ISO / TS 15066
  • Secure holding of the workpiece even if the power supply fails
  • Coupled work
  • Contact is necessary
  • Reduced speed

Configuration levels

Robot flange

For mechanical connection to the follow-on tools. The energy supply for the components installed on the robot flange is arranged internally or externally, depending on the robot type. Control signals as well as pneumatic, electric and hydraulic media can be passed through this.

Robot flange adapter plate – Multi-function level

Adapter plate between specific robot flange and ISO partial mounting circle.

Multi-function level

Multi-function components with ISO partial mounting circle for changing, compensating, protecting and executing. Energy elements for signal transmission and media transfer are also available for the tool changers.
Rotary distributors, axis compensation modules, collision protection, angle flange, tool changer and energy elements

Multi-function level adapter plate – automation component

Adapter plate between ISO partial mounting circle and automation component.

Automation components

Various versions of automation components with and without  

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