Intuitive software solution

Zimmer Group and Schmalz have their own ecosystem that the user can use for countless digital services. In addition to the SCM communication module (master gateway), the user has two other tools at their disposal: the intuitive guideZ setup software for further configuration of the gripper and Schmalz Connect Suite for diagnostics of IO-Link devices in the cloud.

Comfort App

The Comfort app, coordinated to the robot manufacturer, makes it possible to actuate and operate the gripper conveniently and directly using the respective robot control panel. The easiest setup mode and all necessary commands for hitch-free automatic mode.



Configuring with guideZ

guideZ is a wizard for commissioning components quickly and extremely easily. It enables user-guided implementation and commissioning for anyone. Users can switch between guideZ, expertZ and monitorZ mode with one and the same software module.

Perfection through expertZ

expertZ is the software tool for all gripping experts. It makes it possible to optionally optimize the gripper parameters defined in guideZ for the specific application.

Monitoring with monitorZ

monitorZ is used to monitor gripper unit positions and statuses on a screen during operation. By detecting errors early, system availability can be permanently increased.