Package thin plate processing

Product advantages:

  • Scalable, modular and fully automated high-performance system for processing thin panels (cabinet and drawer back panels)
  • Machining multiple back panels (package) at the same time – Separation into packages – New, one-of-a-kind method of automated separation
  • Possibility of variable pallet loading with workpieces – Separation of different workpieces in a package – Stacking of the differently machined workpiece packages on a pallet
  • Fully automated loading and unloading system for all workpiece sizes – workpiece dimensions: min. 400 x 200 mm, max. 1,500 x 3,000 mm – Stack thickness: up to 40 mm
  • Scalable output of the system by distributing the items being machined over several work stations
  • Highly flexible, wireless, endless workpiece transport system with recirculation – Clamping process is done in the non-productive time – Workpieces follow each other at close distances – Minimum chip-to-chip time
  • Innovative, flexible destacking system for the machined workpiece stacks – Differently machined workpiece stacks are sorted and precisely destacked by the rake system

1 Unloading module for palletizing                            
Machining module for notching corners
3 Machining module for milling/drilling            
4 Highly dynamic transport shuttles
5 Loading module for depalletizing/forming packages  
6 Customer work platform

Basic transport module

Product advantages:

  • Dual-track, flexible workpiece transport system with an individual number of collets – Upper level: workpiece transport – Lower level: collet recirculation
  • Servo-controlled, autonomous collets – Endless movement
  • Vertical collet repositioning for collet return transport
  • Integrated package alignment and infeed into the collets
  • Full-surface workpiece support over the entire transport route

1 Shuttle positioner
2 Discharge station
3 Shuttle
4 Machine table
5 Substructure (optional)
6 Alignment and positioning station

Module for depalletizing and loading

Product advantages:

  • Pallet feed using either a roller conveyor or a forklift
  • Prealignment of the full pallets on a scissor lift platform
  • Scissor lift platform cycles workpiece stack upward
  • Servo-controlled retaining system for securing the stacks in place for multiple workpieces per stack layer
  • Removal of workpiece packages with workpieces (depending on the workpiece thickness) by a special gripper system with the robot
  • Empty pallet is discharged automatically

1 ABB robot
2 Transport for empty pallets
3 Scissor lift platform
4 Infeed roller conveyor for stacks
5 XY axis system with retaining device for securing
6 Pick-up gripper

Module for drilling/milling

Product advantages:

  • Up to two independent machining units, each with drill gears and integrated milling spindle
  • Use of a separate HSK milling spindle is possible
  • Design of the drill gears is configured to the customer’s workpiece spectrum
  • The anvil is the counter bearing and is equipped with an interchangeable workpiece table for the highest machining quality

1 Y-axis
2 2x Z-axis
3 2 x drill gears
4 Anvil as counter bearing

Module for corner notching

Product advantages:

  • Up to two independent sawing units, swiveling via servomotor-driven C-axis
  • Swivel angle 0° < α < 360°
  • The anvil is the counter bearing and is equipped with an interchangeable protective plate

1 Y-axis
2 2x Z-axis
3 2x C-axis
4 2x Saw unit
5 2x Counterpressure anvil

Module for unloading and palletizing

Product advantages:

  • Empty pallets can be fed into the system manually via a belt conveyor
  • Pallet is aligned in the X and Y direction on the scissor lift platform
  • The palletizing gripper takes the fully machined workpiece package directly out of the collets
  • The palletizing gripper pushes the packages onto the pallet gently and accurately – Different layer patterns possible
  • Finished stacked pallet moves to a removal point or is conveyed on rollers

1 Pallet receiving station
2 Positionable scraper rake
3 Palletizing gripper
4 Scissor lift platform
5 Empty pallet feed
6 ABB robot

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