2-Jaw Parallel Grippers
Series GP200

"The variable"

  • Smooth stroke configuration
    An adjusting screw allows you to adjust the stroke to your specific application
  • Proven technology
    We have more than 20 years of proven reliability, which ensures uninterrupted production for you
  • Dirt protection
    Using the scrapers on the guides, you can reliably use the gripper even under the harshest conditions
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  • 10 million maintenance-free cycles (max.)
  • IP40
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Inductive sensor
  • Purged air
Technical Data
Stroke per jaw20 [mm]
Gripping force in closing435 [N]
Gripping force in opening435 [N]
Closing time0.08 [s]
Opening time0.08 [s]
Repetition accuracy +/-0.05 [mm]
Operating pressure min.3 [bar]
Operating pressure max.8 [bar]
Nominal operating pressure6 [bar]
Operating temperature min.5 [°C]
Operating temperature max.+80 [°C]
Air volume per cycle49 [cm³]
Protection to IEC 60529IP40
Weight1.2 [kg]
Benefits in detail
  1. Stroke adjustment
    infinitely adjustable in „open“ movement adjusting screw in delivery
  2. Wedge hook mechanism
    synchronized the movement of the gripper jaws high force transfer
  3. Square guide
    high forces and moments capacity
  4. Gripper jaw
    individual gripper finger mounting
  5. Mounting and positioning
    mounting possible from several sides for versatile positioning
  6. Sensing slot
    mounting and positioning of magnetic field sensors
  7. Drive
    double-acting pneumatic cylinder
  8. Energy supply
    possible from several sides